Master of Masters. Exhibition and catalogue of the works of Józef Hecht (1891-1951)

1 March 2023 – 15 February 2024

The aim of the project is to develop and present the rich and outstanding creative output of Józef Hecht (1891, Łódź - 1951, Paris) to a Polish audience. A painter, a sculptor, but above all a printmaker, he taught at Atelier 17 – a studio from which artists such as Picasso, Miro, Giacometti, Ernst, Kandinsky and many other major modernist artists created. The project will include an exhibition, catalogue and educational activities for children and adults, including those with special needs.


Józef Hecht – prominent creator of modernist printmaking. “Noah s Ark” and “Atlas”

1 February – 30 October 2023

The result of the project is an album containing a reprint of Hecht's two earliest graphic volumes done in copperplate and originally published in Paris: Noah's Ark (1926) and Atlas (1928). The publication also includes an essay by Katarzyna Kulpińska on Hecht's graphic work and extended commentaries on each of the graphic boards.


Mela Muter Research Center

Project implemented from 2021

The Mela Muter Research Center was established to research and disseminate knowledge about the life and work of the Polish artist, Mela Muter (1876 – 1967). The Centre also aims to protect the artist's artistic output in legal and material terms. The Mela Muter Research Centre has been researching and compiling the work of Mela Muter since 202, with the aim of preparing the first comprehensive monograph on the artist, as well as studies of her relationships with other artists.


Elie Nadelman – Polish precursor of Art Deco

1 April – 30 October 2022

The project aimed to popularise the work of this outstanding artist, who lived from 1882 to 1946 and is internationally recognised as one of the most outstanding sculptors of the first half of the 20th century, a pioneer of many art movements, including Art Deco. His art is located in all the most prominent museums, mainly in the United States. While living in Paris, Elie Nadelman was friends with eminent representatives of the art world, including André Salmon, Amadeo Modigliani, Gertrude and Leo Stein, and in the milieu of the Polish artistic colony, he maintained close relations with Leopold Gottlieb, Mela Muter, Gustaw Gwozdecki, Eugeniusz Zak, Louis Marcoussis and many other artists. His studio was frequented by Pablo Picasso, who admired his formal experiments.


Rebellion and Freedom. Linocuts by Stanisław Kubicki (1889-1942)

4 November 2021 – 14 February 2022

The project included an exhibition presenting the graphic work of this multifaceted artist. Co-founder of the Poznań Expressionist group “Bunt” between 1918 and 1920, together with the publisher of the magazine “Zdrój”, Jerzy Hulewicz. He maintained contacts with Polish and international avant-garde groups. The works selected for the exhibition illustrated Kubicki's artistic development. From the 'Tower of Babel', which is closest to Expressionism, through works inspired by folk woodcuts and possessing increasingly simplified forms, discernible in 'Nude with Clouds' and 'Church Tower in Schömberg', to abstract-cubic works such as 'Dancer' and 'Thought', which are considered the first Polish avant-garde works.

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